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Unlike the ridiculous ads that you see on television or hear on the radio, we cannot promise settlements for pennies on the dollar. The truth is that no reputable practitioner can. However, we can promise that we will do all that is possible within the law to help settle your case in the most advantageous way possible and do our best to see that your rights are protected.

IRS Tax Problems

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Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of people more than receiving an IRS audit letter in the mail. Audits take a significant amount of time away from your business and family. Nobody wants to receive the dreaded IRS audit letter – maybe even an IRS certified letter. Whether you are innocent or guilty, it still strikes fear in people because they have no idea what to expect – one person or one business up against the government? That seems a little unbalanced already, just from a power perspective.

It’s best, of course, to get professional assistance when dealing with this type of problem. Don’t meet with the IRS alone. After all, you are going into this situation cold and have no idea what to say or what not to say. If you do have a skilled representative helping you, it will communicate to the IRS that your are taking it seriously, and that they will have to be at their best to try and prove the case against you. Keep in mind, the chance is good that your number just happened to be picked – sometimes there is no rhyme or reason as to who gets selected. And you don’t really have a choice; you are pretty much forced to comply. The IRS leaves no stone unturned in its mission to determine the accuracy of your tax return. If you don’t comply with the auditor’s wishes, the IRS will recalculate your tax and send you home with a hefty bill as your parting gift.

Many taxpayers decide to handle a tax audit themselves, and discover they may have been “penny wise” avoiding a representative’s fee, but “pound foolish”, because they received a substantial bill for a significant tax deficiency. You see, IRS auditors are trained to extract more information from you than you have a legal obligation to provide. IRS auditors know that most people fear them and are ignorant to their rights. As a result, they know they can use that fear and ignorance to their advantage.

When dealing with R.P. Minich PC, rarely do clients even have to talk with the IRS. We handle it all for you so that you need not take time off of your business or job to handle the bureaucracy and paperwork of the IRS. No lost wages or business. You simply forward notification of an audit to us and we handle it from A to Z.

State Taxes

In today’s environment it is common for businesses and individuals to transact business in more than on state. R.P. Minich can assist you in proper planning in a multi-state environment while helping you minimize your taxes.

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